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Its better when I bleed for you

Hey. Sorry it took so long. I wrote this out last night when I made everything, and i've been kind of busy today. The only thing that matters is that Im posting it at all. WOO HOO!

Name: Cyndi
Age: 18
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Does Your Sign Suit Your Personality?: I dont really know. I dont read too much into stuff like that.
Describe Your Personality In Six Adjectives: Funny, Hopeless romantic, Sad, Friendly, Trustworthy, and Nice
Your Hobbies: I am addicted to Photoshop, I like making graphics, I love music, movies, and some tv. I love hanging out with my friends. Oh and I LOOOVE singing, lol. You should hear me in the shower..
Your Skills: I am a great babysitter, lol. And I can make a mean macaroni and cheese dinner! ;)
Your Weaknesses: Trusting people who arent worthy of my trust.
What Most People Like About You: Im funny and very trustworthy
Your Favorite Memory: I would have to say that the Warped Tour was my favorite memory, because out of the two concerts that i've been to (The other one being the Backstreet Boys when I was very young and weird) It was the best. I loved the music there and everything about it. It was great.
Your Favorite Holiday and Why: I like Halloween. Hello.. candy!
Do you think things through or act on impulse? Most of the time, I do things on impulse. For example, if im hanging out with my friends, im usually an impulse kind of gal, but if im just thinking for myself, I tend to think things through. When it comes to relationships, I used to do things on impulse, but now I like to think I take more time and think before I jump into something.
Your Favorite Quote: "This is me with the words on the tip of my tongue, and my eye through the scope down the barrel of a gun" - Taking back sunday
Post Pictures Here, if You'd Like: Eh, my icon will be my picture.
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