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Name: Suz
Age: 28
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Does Your Sign Suit Your Personality? Sometimes, it's scales so it's supposed to signify balance but I rarely ever see that in my life or well at least lately. I think it contradicts itself.
Describe Your Personality In Six Adjectives: defiant, moody, bitchy, snarky, loyal, friend
Your Hobbies: reading and writing fanfic, hangin' with my buds, catchin' the latest flick and eating ice cream or drinking coffee afterwards, reading books (novels) mostly, just chillin' watchin' my shows or listening to music and hanging with the family
Your Skills: hmm I can write...is this a trick question?
Your Weaknesses: holding grudges, being a bitch a little too much, cynicism although sometimes that's more of a strength than a weakness, giving too much of the benefit of the doubt and getting walked on
What Most People Like About You: my sharp witted ability to be as versatile as I can be
Your Favorite Memory: the first time I smelled snow (yes it has a scent to it)
Your Favorite Holiday and Why: Christmas...because I get to give and seeing the smiles on people's faces when I surprise them makes me feel like I've really done something.
Do you think things through or act on impulse? Sometimes I act on impulse and sometimes I think things through, I can't say that I do one more than the other. And if you tell me I have to choose just one I do the most, I'll tell you to bite me, because I do both.
Your Favorite Quote: "There’s this thing that happens to people, Veronica Mars. They grow up." ++Lilly to Veronica (you didn't say that it had to be OTH related, I like the quote. So bite me!)
Post Pictures Here, if You'd Like: nah, rather not share them.
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