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Name: Jayda
Age: 15
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Does Your Sign Suit Your Personality? Not really, because Leo's are thought of as brave, wild, and outgoing. I'm kind of shy, and quiet. Most of the time.
Describe Your Personality In Six Adjectives: Friendly, smart, sweet, funny, caring.
Your Hobbies: Internet, hanging out with friends, listening to music, tennis, volleyball, and watching TV.
Your Skills: I give to-the-point advice, and I'm a good person to talk to.
Your Weaknesses: Sometimes I'm lazy, and I overthink things.
What Most People Like About You: Probably just that I'm always there for someone I care about.
Your Favorite Memory: Going to Universal Studios with my Pappy.
Your Favorite Holiday and Why: Christmas, because I'm greedy and I like getting stuff. Haha, not only that, but I also just like the feeling Christmas brings, and I like seeing the look on my little sister's face when I get her something she likes.
Do you think things through or act on impulse? A little bit of both. Sometimes I think, sometimes I don't.
Your Favorite Quote: I don't really have one.
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