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Name: Kelly
Zodiac Sign:Virgo

Does Your Sign Suit Your Personality? I think one thing people misjudge about me, b/c im a virgo, is my sense to pull away. I have another side to me that nobody sees. It's slowly starting to show through, but its this side of me that most people would be surprised to see. I'm really into writing. My inner most deepest thoughts are always written down. B/c its easier to read it back to myself and judge rather that let people see what I'm afraid of deep inside.

Describe Your Personality In Six Adjectives: Creative, Outgoing, Determined, Courageous, Spontaneous, and caring.

Your Hobbies:Writing, drawing, softball, the internet, hanging out with my friends.

Your Skills: Writing, sports, putting together my 'vintage wear'.

Your Weaknesses: Pushing people away after realizing how much I care for them...i usually always prepare myself for rejection even if it might not happen.

What Most People Like About You: I know when to speak up for myself..but I usually let my talents tell people off.

Your Favorite Memory: The night before my friend left for college, he took me on a last 'hang out'. I'm still in highschool so it was a sunday night(school night) for me. But i stilled stayed out with him till late..hint**i really like him. And we went out for icecream, then he took me to the beach and we sat on the bridge and watched the sun set. After that, when it was dark, we went on the board walk and looked out onto the ocean and just talked. He was driving me home and took my hand and started rubbing it. Then when we finally arrived at my house, we stood outside for an hour while he said "im going to miss you like crazy". So i gave him a last hug and a kiss on the neck and then on the cheek. He turned and started kissing me. I hold onto that memory until he returns in december..sadness..i miss him.

Your Favorite Holiday and Why: Spring Break-Its nice and hot outside, lots of tanning time. It's the perfect time to just sit on the beach and write something random down.

Do you think things through or act on impulse? I usually sit back and think things through rather than acting on something real quick. In some occasions you don't have that much time. but I always try to pick up the pieces and put them together...see the best way it'll fit.

Your Favorite Quote: This year, i wished for love. my wish was granted and if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy. cause i wouldn't give it back for the world.

Post Pictures Here, if You'd Like:Blonde hair, green eyes, 5'10.
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